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May 25, 2016

Well it seems like it’s been a while (it actually has been a while…) but we’re finally opening our doors to the public once again. A lot has happened, so let me begin with…

My Health

I won’t go into the details here, but I had a significant health event at the end of 2020. Followed by surgery, followed by recuperation. It’s taken me the best part of a year and I think there’s still a way to go but I’m on the right path.

The Pandemic

Lockdowns, mockdowns, re-opening, partial re-opening, vaccine boosters, vaccine certificates. If none of this means anything to you, check your pulse…

Location, Location, Location

Long story short(ish). I was told I had lost my studio and packed everything away (to various people’s garages, basements, etc). Spent a few months trying to find a new location. Was told that the studio might be available again and finally moved back. It’s taken about a year to sort out this particular kerfuffle.

Looking forward.

We’ve had to change a few things, largely around social distancing and health protocols and this is a soft-reopening, so some services are not yet available. But we’re pleased to be offering headshots once again.

You will need to be fully vaccinated and provide proof of such prior to your session.

You’ll need to wear a mask before you get to the studio. Those that have visited will know that there’s an office you have to walk-though to get to my location – so mask-on when you’re in the office space and mask-off when I’m shooting.

I won’t be sitting down with you to go over the post-session debrief. Instead we’ll do it online. This is something I really don’t like as I feel it’s impersonal, but unfortunately the personal touch has to take a backseat for now.

And that just about wraps it up. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me at info@bbimagery.com and I’ll be happy to answer your messages.