Covid Policy

So clearly when we’re shooting you in the studio you can’t wear a mask, but we do have a Covid policy for anyone considering us for their headshots.

1. If you are not feeling well prior to your session and you suspect it is Covid, please cancel your session. Rebook after a 14 day gap.

2. If you have come into close contact with someone who recently tested positive for Covid, please cancel your session. Rebook after 14 days.

3. If you are have tested Positive for Covid, cancel and rebook after 14 days and a negative test result.

Please note there is no cancellation fee for Covid related late cancellations.

We maintain a clean studio, with surfaces disinfected regularly and during the session we’ll be approximately 4ft away however there may be occasions where we need to be a little closer. If this should concern you, I’ll be happy to pop on a mask, however I can’t shoot with a mask on as it fogs up my glasses.

If any of this alarms or concerns you, you are welcome to contact us

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