Actors Headshots & Model Headshots

For Agencies, Comp Cards, Web Sites and Social Media

Male actors headshot, Keanu Nunes

If you’re looking to get a first headshot or update your existing headshot, we can help.

We can offer everything from beauty shots, theatrical headshots, commercial headshots, and editorial shots.

You can provide your own make-up or have a make-up artist at the studio.

You can change outfits as many times as time allows.

We also provide you with your final images in a variety of sizes and resolutions. Everything from super high resolution for printing down to social media size for Instagram and Facebook.

There are no watermarks on your final images and no restrictions on their usage. Submit them to agencies for consideration, print them at your local drugstore or print shop or sell them on other web sites.

Alex, Female Model, Amazing Long Hair, Beauty, Headshot
Female, Model, Black and White, Bun, Ruffle, Deep Neckline, Hand on Forehead
Andrea, Short Hair, Leather Jacket, Model, Female, Headshot

Creative Package

At this time we’re offering a triple headshot creative package. You’ll spend 2 hours in the studio with us, so bring plenty of outfits to try out. We can work on a variety of different looks, from the dramatic to the casual, we can do headshots to appeal to a variety of different industries.

Before your session starts we’ll exchange ideas with you so that on the day we have a bunch of looks that you want to try out.


If you’re interested in working with a make-up artist, please use the form at the bottom of this page to contact us.

Creative Headshot
$ 399
  • Number of Headshots 3
  • Time in Studio 2 Hours
  • Number of Shots Taken 150-250
  • Number of Proofs 30-50
  • Social Media Version Yes
  • Web Site Version Yes
  • Print Version Yes
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Some common questions and answers for you.

Yes. But we don’t go mad. We can soften wrinkles, clean up flyaway hairs, improve tired eyes and skin, but we’re not shooting for Vogue and we don’t want to make you look fake or plastic.

A lot will depend on you, but you can expect to have all three headshots within one week of your final selection.

From time to time we do have coupons and discounts available. You can find them here.

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