Questions And Answers

1. What is your cancellation / rescheduling policy?

a) Is it Covid? or could it be Covid. Cancel immediately. There’s no late cancellation fee. Rebook when you’re feeling better.

b) For all other circumstances, when you booked your headshot you were sent an email – there’s a link in that email that allows you to cancel or reschedule.

2. Last-minute cancellations / rescheduling.

If there’s less than 24 hours before your session, we have to charge you a small fee. We pay rent on our studio and with just 24 hours notice, we cannot fill your slot, so we’re out of pocket. It’s just $25 for a standard session and $50 for a session involving a make-up artist as they have also lost business.

WHEN : We don’t take any money from you until we’ve delivered the final image(s).

HOW : Our online system is secured through WAVE and takes payment via Mastercard, VISA and AMEX. If you’re uncomfortable using an online payment system, you can always send us a cheque. Alternatively we can make arrangement for Interac and PayPal. Whatever is easiest for you.

Sometimes life happens and we need our headshots ASAP. We can help. Our normal turnaround is about 7 days, from the time of the session to the time of the final delivery. We can do it in 24 hrs (with your help in selecting the final shot). However this typically means we have to push you to the front of the queue and take time away from other activities. If you need this service, select the 24 hr turnaround option during the booking process, there is a fee associated with jumping the queue.

This is also sometimes referred to as “photoshopping” and the answer is yes. But let’s review. I will remove flyaway hairs, soften wrinkles, blemishes etc. I will lighten dark areas under your eyes and give you an overall polish, but I don’t go over-the-top and make you look “plasticky” or fake.

For our single and LinkedIn headshot packages you can expect us to take between 30 and  80 shots during the session, for a double headshot package it’ll be closer to 100 and for our creative package it’s probably going to be closer to 200.

From there I’ll be proofing the images. So I’ll go through the shots and remove anything that just isn’t right (you blinked, the lighting was off, the expression isn’t working…). Once you get the proofs you’ll pick as follows.

For a single/ LinkedIn headshot package : one final image to be edited.

For a double headshot package : two final images to be edited.

For a creative headshot package : three final images to be edited.

Still have questions? Use the form below to ask about our services and packages. We’ll be happy to help.