Yes. But we don’t go mad. We can soften wrinkles, clean up flyaway hairs, improve tired eyes and skin, but we’re not shooting for Vogue and we don’t want to make you look fake or plastic.

We’ve actually written an entire article to help you understand the entire process and the time it takes. You can find that article here.

Producing Your Headshot

Yes and No. We’re not doing group shots (single shot of multiple people) but we are doing multiple people from the same organization requiring a single headshot each.

If you like to hear more about our corporate accounts and discount rates, please contact us.

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We have our own studio and we highly recommend clients come to our studio since we can control the light etc.

At this time, due to unforeseen circumstances and Covid, we are not working on-location.

From time to time we do have coupons and discounts available. You can find them here.

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