Before Your Session

And Other Useful Bits of Information


Covid :  If you feel you have Covid, have recently been in contact with someone who has Covid etc. please reschedule your appointment to keep everyone safe. For everything else, please use your discretion.  There are no cancellation fees associated with Covid.

One additional note, depending on how much notice you give us and if we’ve hired a make-up artist, there may be a cancellation fee.

Cancellations with 48 hours notice :

For sessions without a make-up artist : No Cancellation Fee.

For sessions with a make-up artist (and the make-up artist has been confirmed) : $50

If any of this concerns you, you are welcome to contact us

Contact BBImagery

For more information about our Covid policy please click on this link.


You should bring the following with you to your session.

1. Optional / Alternative Clothing choices – clean, well pressed etc.

2. Hair products if you use them – you’ll be surprised how many people arrive and then want to adjust their hair but can’t get it to stay put.

3. Hair brushes / combs – for hygiene reasons there are no brushes or combs, so please bring your own.

For more information / tips, please see : What to Wear / What to Bring


When you’re thinking about your image, ask yourself these very important questions.

“What do my clients want or expect to see?”

If you dress to meet their expectations, then you can’t go wrong. Have a look on LinkedIn for your colleagues headshots or on your corporate web site for ideas.

“What reflects my personality?”

It’s important that you consider who you are, there should be some part of your outfit that talks about yourself.

“Is there a corporate / industry norm that I want to follow.”

In some cases, the right choice might be dictated to, by the corporation that you are in – check with your organization in case they have expectations prior to your session.

More is More

If in doubt – bring it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had clients arrive in a single outfit and then think of something else they would prefer – something else that is hanging in their closet because they were sure this was the one that they wanted, except now it isn’t. Bring it, bring it, bring it (even if we never use it).


Headshots 101 – what are we photographing? . You. You’re the star of the show. So, if you wear something that yells for attention, you’re actually competing against yourself. Try to keep your attire clear of heavy patterns or sharp contrasts – solid colours work best.


Accessories follow the same rule as your clothes. Simple, classic, elegant works best.


Please read the section for professional packages as most of it is still applicable.

For creative packages, we’re together for 3 hours. That’s a lot of time and a lot of opportunity. We have different looks to achieve so variety is key here.

We’ll be in discussion prior to your session to go over ideas. Those ideas that we decide upon should shape your decision making. You can hunt over the internet to find looks that you think will work – but there are also pointers that can guide you.


If you’re applying to a particular agency, have a look at their web site and the roster page – see what kind of headshots they’re showcasing.


You can bring a ton of looks – we’ve got time to change and change again. Just don’t stuff everything into a bag at the last minute. When you pull it out at the studio it’s going to look like you slept in it and unless that’s the look you’re going for, it’ll be a disappointing session.